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© 2019 by Naomi Nucia.

About ME

Naomi Nucia is Miss Liberia in the US 2018. Naomi was born unto  Liberian (Krahn) parents in Washington D.C. . Naomi was 3 months old when her parents moved to Kansas City, Missouri State, where she was raised. Naomi resumed her model career at the age of six in Kansas City. At the age of 17, in 2013, she left the comfort zone of her parents’ residence and moved to Atlanta. Her commitment and inspiration in modeling has exposed her to various experiences.  


Naomi “believes God equipped everyone with special knowledge and talent necessary to succeed in life” and that each person has something profound and natural to offer the world, especially as it pertains to life’s reality. 


Growing up, Naomi started her modeling career with magna cumlaude, where she won 3rd runner up in the pre-teen Miss America pageant at the luxurious Embassy Suites public forum in Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to her modeling adventure to Atlanta City, Georgia, Naomi had already appeared on the cover of Midwest Black Hair Magazine, Elegant Magazine, and Inspire Magazine, etc. Naomi is set to embrace her destiny as an icon in the model industry with her stylistic fusion of fashion. Her creative, restless, compassionate, approachable, positive and energetic personality and her affection for modeling are what made her unique. 


Her goal, as it relates to her platform is to construct a residential emergency shelter for victims of sexual abuse, which will serve through three aspects. The first will be a safe haven for girls. This shelter will provide clothes, food, and allow the girls to learn the necessary skills through the trauma they have faced. Children who were victim to sexual abuse exploitation need help to process what has happened to them. Lastly, these girls will be able to undergo a mentoring program to help maintain stability and self-worth. Naomi is relentless in her quest to be the best person and role model that she can be to make a positive, long lasting impact.